Monday, July 6, 2009

Count it! 3! (3!) 2! (2!) and 1! (AUGH!)

I know you've been wondering "what's Billy Blanks up to these days?" Billy Blanks has been a huge sucess in Japan. I'm pretty sure the boxing coach on Wii Fit is supposed to be him, right?

Watch the video* to see Billy and his beautiful wife. Their cake is ginormous! I don't think I've ever seen so many flowers on one table.

Skip to 0:36 seconds to see some of Billy's signature moves on the dance floor. He always looks so happy. I love him! I love him even though his workouts are a little too difficult for me and at the end of 45 minutes I want to tae-bo kick that guy for making my legs hurt so much. Just kidding - congratulations, Billy and Tomoko!


Thanks to Japan Probe

*Isn't Japanese TV crazy-awesome? There's always so much on the screen. I don't know how anyone can concentrate.

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  1. Look at that.

    East meets West in a beautiful display of wedded bliss and aerobicise.


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