Tuesday, June 30, 2009


*If you're from Saudi Arabia and you agree to quit smoking.

A charity in the Saudi capital Riyadh has come up with a novel incentive to encourage young men to quit smoking - an all-expenses-paid wedding.

Hundreds of men have expressed interest in the anti-smoking drive, including a non-smoker who was ready to start the habit just so he could take part. Banners in Riyadh are advertising the campaign slogan: "Kicking the habit is on you, and marriage is on us." In much of the Arab world, the groom alone bears the cost of a wedding.

The charity Purity says participants will complete a seven-day course to quit smoking. The name of the grand prize winner will be decided in a draw on 6 August. Twenty runners-up will get free furniture. [Not sure if a seven day course will actually stop a lifetime habit, but it's a nice thought...]

'Sexist' The name of the grand prize winner will be decided in a draw on 6 August. Twenty runners-up will get free furniture.

The high expense for a wedding means that Arab men often put off marriage until they have saved enough money to take a bride.

Some in Saudi Arabia have criticised the campaign, suggesting it might devalue what they consider a holy union, while others called the concept sexist.

But a spokesman for the charity said the aim was to create a smoke-free family.

"The fact that people are discussing the campaign means we have fulfilled our goal of spreading the word about it," said Salem al-Majdali.

It is estimated about a quarter of Saudi Arabia's 27.6 million residents smoke.

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I wonder if there was cake?

A Polish couple living in Germany fell out after tying the knot and decided to end their marriage on the same day.

"He said he never wanted to see her again and wanted an immediate annulment, and she said the same thing," a spokesman for police in the northern city of Hanover said Thursday.

Right after the civil ceremony Wednesday, the 50-year-old man began arguing with his bride and tried to cut her hair with a kitchen knife, police said.

The 34-year-old woman called police, who issued the man with a restraining order, which he readily accepted, police said.

Two attempts at a rapprochement later that evening by telephone ended in more shouted exchanges before the man went to spend his wedding night in a local shelter for homeless people.

What were these people thinking?


Deck Collapses Under Wedding Party

Reports say that as many as 30 people were on a deck on Mill's Bray Trace in Lawrenceville [Georgia] when the deck gave way. Wedding guests were posing for post-wedding photos on the deck when the deck collapsed.

Although the drop distance was estimated to be 12 to 15 feet, and some people were injured, fortunately nobody fell under the debris. The injuries could have been a lot worse if anyone had been trapped under the wreckage.

The deck showed signs of termite damage and that could have contributed to the collapse of the deck.

Reports said that 4 children were taken to Scottish Rite Hospital for care.

Since there were no serious injuries, I feel safe asking if anyone else remembers the Simpsons episode where Krusty refuses to do a charity event for B.C. - balcony collapse. Krusty says "I don't care about B.C. ... I care about M.E!"


Michelle and Barack's Wedding Photo

You could argue that Barack's name should come first since he's captain of the free world, but I'm writing Miss Michelle LaVaughn Robinson's name first since etiquette dictates that the bride's name comes first*.

I'm not a fan of any politician, but I'll admit that Michelle Obama captured my attention with her down-to-earth, sensible style. I knew I liked her after her appearance on the Tonight Show when she said that she likes JCrew and shops online. ME TOO!

The bride looks lovely in this full, off-the-shoulder gown. The width of the shoulders really accents her enviable height.

I haven't seen many dresses with long sleeves like this one. I prefer the more dainty lace sleeves than these opaque, satin sleeves, but they wed in October in Chicago, so the sleeves were a sensible choice.

She looks very elegant with her hair pulled back, and look at those collarbones! In the full-length shot you can see the long veil over her train. She looks like she's standing in a gossamer twist.

The moms look nice too. The mother of the bride accents her daughter with the black-and-white dress, and the mother of the groom highlights the fall season with her pumpkin colored tunic. It's interesting that the bride's mother has a bouquet and the groom's mother has a corsage.

As for Mr. President, he looks dashing in his classic tuxedo. The grooms really have it easy!


*The bride's name generally comes first since her parents pay for the wedding. This is not always true, and there's certainly no rule that you have to put the bride's name first, but it seems like the gentlemanly thing to do.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Wedding at the Waffle House

I'm brushing some dust off this story, but it's one of my favorites...

Pamela Christian & George "Bubba" Mathis were married at the Waffle House restaurant where Christian works as a waitress. For years, the couple tried to marry on their Independence Day anniversary, but the bride was always scheduled to work. Instead of waiting any longer - she got the day off at the last minute; Mathis had to report for the morning shift - the couple of nine years decided to seal the deal at work.

Shortly after exchanging vows under the shade of a tree next to the parking lot, both man and wife let out sighs of relief as they picked up their two little blonde girls and chatted with family and friends. But there was not time to relax - the wedding cake had to be cut inside.

Standing nearby, the father of the newly minted Mrs. Pamela Mathis, William Christopher, wondered if anyone had videotaped the ceremony. He wants to send it in to CMT [Country Music Television Station]. "I think it's pretty redneck myself," he said, laughing. "But I'm a redneck anyway, so..."

This couple is awesome! They finally had their wedding and they did it the way they wanted.

The Weddings of Michael Jackson

Since everyone is talking about Michael Jackson, I thought it would be interesting to look back at his weddings.

In 1993 MJ married Lisa Marie Presley after proposing over the phone. They married in the Dominican Republic behind Jackson's usual veil of secrecy. There aren't any public photos, but who can forget this odd moment from the 1994 Mtv VMAs?

Uncomfortable Kiss

Just a few months after he divorced Presley, MJ married his nurse Debbie Rowe. Again, no wedding picture, but here is a snap of the two right after the ceremony.

Casual Ceremony

Their marriage ended in 1999, but he did provide his services as the co-best man at Liza Minelli and David Gest's lavish 2002 wedding.

Superstar Wedding

Rest in Peace, Michael. I have mixed feelings on your personal life, and really mixed feelings about your music post-Dangerous, but I'll always miss your wacky antics (and weddings!)