Monday, June 29, 2009

Wedding at the Waffle House

I'm brushing some dust off this story, but it's one of my favorites...

Pamela Christian & George "Bubba" Mathis were married at the Waffle House restaurant where Christian works as a waitress. For years, the couple tried to marry on their Independence Day anniversary, but the bride was always scheduled to work. Instead of waiting any longer - she got the day off at the last minute; Mathis had to report for the morning shift - the couple of nine years decided to seal the deal at work.

Shortly after exchanging vows under the shade of a tree next to the parking lot, both man and wife let out sighs of relief as they picked up their two little blonde girls and chatted with family and friends. But there was not time to relax - the wedding cake had to be cut inside.

Standing nearby, the father of the newly minted Mrs. Pamela Mathis, William Christopher, wondered if anyone had videotaped the ceremony. He wants to send it in to CMT [Country Music Television Station]. "I think it's pretty redneck myself," he said, laughing. "But I'm a redneck anyway, so..."

This couple is awesome! They finally had their wedding and they did it the way they wanted.

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