Friday, March 9, 2012

Overplayed Wedding Songs

Please stop the madness.

Yep, you’re family. I knew it without the song.

(I guess the Village People are possessive over this song, so there’s no audio for this video. You’re welcome.)

I’ll admit this is a fun song, but it’s SO EXPECTED at a wedding.


Slow, boring treacle. Half of your guests will cry, the other half will roll their eyes or vomit.


Do I really need to tell you why this song is overplayed and inappropriate at weddings?


I am SO SICK of this cheesy song.


Personally, I think Nat King Cole, Etta James, and Louis Armstrong are timeless, so I disagree with people who say that people shouldn’t play songs like “Unforgettable”, “At Last”, and “What a Wonderful World”. They might be overplayed, but I’ll never get sick of them.

I would love to hear this at a wedding – especially for a first dance. Because, COME ON, it’s true: