Monday, May 30, 2011

Dog weddings

For absolutely no reason, here are my favorite results of the Google image search "dog wedding"

Two dogs eating cake - obvs, it's my favorite.

Nothing is funnier than dogs looking miserable in clothing

These little fluffballs are awfully cute

A pink veil - perfect for a bachelorette party?

Lookit this adorable little terrier, all excited for the wedding of his masters!

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Mario Kart love song

A bunch of my friends are doing the 30-day song challenge on Facebook, but one entry really caught my eye. Day 23 is "A song that you want to play at your wedding" and my geeky friend posted this:

Here's the original - the singer/songwriter is adorable.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Unsupportive coworkers

A woman's coworkers threw her a little office bridal shower before she left for Vegas to get married, and here is the secret note she found on the back of the "Congratulations" card.

if it doesn't work out, we are always here for you

The note was unsigned, but the original article from Passive-Aggresive Notes says that the handwriting is distinctive. Oops.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Heidi & Seal renewed their vows - again

Why am I just now discovering this? Heidi Klum and Seal renew their vows with a new theme every year.

I adore Heidi Klum because she seems batshit crazy and she loves costume parties. If you Google it, she and husband Seal renew their vows every year with a different theme. In 2009 they did a white trash wedding complete with a smoking, pregnant bride and Seal in a mullet. HOW FUN!

This year they renewed their vows in Palm Beach, Florida. It looks like their theme was a Masquerade ball. In 2010, all the guests were brides and grooms, and here are pictures of the famed 2009 White Trash wedding:

Love them. If I had the money, I would definitely throw crazy costume parties. But I wouldn't invite everyone, because there's always that one spoil-sport who refuses to wear costumes.



Friday, May 20, 2011

Super Mario Theme Wedding

This is cute:

PELLA, Ia.— Most brides-to-be think about colors, flowers and the dress when they decide the "I do" details. But, one central Iowa couple is using a video game for inspiration.

Bobbi VanZante and Elijah Slagter look like any couple in love. But, they're planning a wedding that's anything but ordinary. VanZante says, "It's a Mario themed wedding."

As in Mario Bros, from the popular video game that came out in the 1980's. VanZante says, "We both grew up doing Mario, playing the Mario games and just something for our generation, and we wanted to do something different."

The bride will walk down the aisle dressed as Princess Peach. The groom says, "I'm Mario." And, the mothers will wear star costumes for the big day. Mother-of-the-Bride Lori Mullen says, "It's her day, her special time, so whatever she wants."

As for the dad's duties, VanZante says her father will walk her down the aisle in a Bowser costume [Oh em gee, I would love to see this], She says, "It's kind of part of the game. Bowser steals and all of his buddies, steal Princess Peach." She continues, "At the wedding Bowser is finally giving Princess Peach to Mario, like my dad will at the wedding."

Wedding preparations started in December. They've been collecting gold coins, making mushrooms, and constructing turtle shells. They've also made piles of pirahna plants and are working on a castle. As for the cost? VanZante says, "We thought it would be a lot cheaper." But, she says she's not sure how much the wedding will end up costing.

Mullen says it will be worth it. She says, "This is perfect. It will be a fun day, good remembrance as long as they're happy."

The couple is even asking guests to dress the part. They can be any character, except Princess Peach or Mario. They'll tie the knot August 6th.

Have a geek-tastic weekend. I'm going to be wearing out my copy of LA Noire. Woo!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bridesmaids - the review

I saw Bridesmaids - the movie this week. Spoiler-free review below:

I freaking loved it. No, it's not going to make you smarter or shed light on the cure for cancer, but it was funny, the characters were likable and relatable, and most importantly it wasn't hideously insulting to women like so many romantic comedies / raunchy comedies.

Jump off a cliff, chick flicks.

When I saw the poster, I assumed Kristen Wiig was going to be obsessed with finding a man of her own to marry because she's so hopelessly single, and I was wrong. Basically, Annie (Kristen Wiig, who I loved) is the Maid of Honor at her childhood BFF's wedding, and she has to figure out a way to help her friend with wedding plans when she can barely cope with her own life. She also has to contend with her pal's new friend, a spoiled, rich and beautiful trophy wife. I liked that it addressed competition between women, because it's one of my biggest complaints about being one.

The motley crew

There are two main stereotype-y guys in the movie, and they are both fun to look at. Jon Hamm is Kristen Wiig's...something, and Chris O'Dowd from the IT Crowd and Pirate Radio is adorable as Nathan Roads. (I also spotted David Wallace and Hank from The Office)

I will not ruin any funny parts for you, but let me just say that it was really funny. All types of women were portrayed, and there was a lot of lady-appropriate The Hangover-type comedy.

Also, this movie is dude-approved. My guy loved it too - no caveats. This is not a chick flick, it's just a funny movie that focuses on women in a non-demeaning, sex-object way. THANK YOU.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Central park engagement

This unexpected time-lapse engagement was flying around Reddit last week. The person who captured the images was trying to find the couple in these stills. The pictures are really sweet - they gave me goosebumps.

AWWWW! I love the intimacy, despite the fact that they're in a very public place. I hope Michael Justin (the photographer) finds them.

If YOU know someone who got engaged on Saturday May 7th at around 12:41 pm in Central Park, send them this link!


Friday, May 13, 2011

Paul McCartney engaged

I think everyone knows that Paul McCartney was married to his wife Linda until she died from cancer in 1998. I know everyone knows about his marriage and divorce with the always-irritating Heather Mills (2002-2008). So is this new engagement a good idea? ANSWER: it's none of my business, but here's the article anyway.

Soon after [his divorce from Mills], press speculation linked the songwriter with Nancy Shevell. A close friend of Paul and Linda McCartney, the self-made millionaire was married for more than two decades to American lawyer and political candidate Bruce Blakeman. However the pair divorced, and soon after Shevell began to be seen in public with Sir Paul McCartney. The singer praised the American businesswoman, who is is a board member of New York's transportation authority and a vice-president of her family business.

The wedding announcement came from McCartney's publicity team, who did not give any further details. It is not known when the ceremony will take place, although messages of congratulations are coming thick and fast.

Here's a picture of the engagement ring, rumored to cost $650,000.

He's 68, she's 51. At least they're close in age. She's really pretty!

Am I wrong, or does Shevell rhyme with Michelle? Now I have this stuck in my head.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Adorable Super Mario Proposal

For your geeky pleasure, check out this adorable video of a Super Mario proposal. This guy decked out his house to look like Mushroom Kingdom, and made his girlfriend April knock the ring out of a ? block with her head.

Check out the fireworks after she says yes. This guy did a great job, and it's sweet that he invited family or friends (I can't tell) to join the celebration. What a nice guy.


Monday, May 9, 2011

R---- W------ Blues

Okay, enough with the royal wedding, RIGHT? This is (probably) it, and then I'll move on to something new.

Remember the young woman who went on a hunger strike for a Royal Wedding invitation?

She made it to England, but was denied entry. She didn't sound terribly stable, so I'm not surprised.

It's always shocking to see the terrible things that people will tattoo on their bodies. Check out this hideous Royal Wedding tattoo.

I don't get it at all.

Finally, if you're wondering how the ga-ga-gorgeous gown was kept a secret, especially when so many people hand-crafted it, now we know: they lied.

The lace-makers were told that Kate's lace was actually for a dress for a British period costume drama. McQueen seamstresses were also told that they were doing a dress for a film, and when Sarah Burton went to Buckingham Palace to assemble the dress, she worked with helpers who had all signed secrecy agreements.

No more about the Royal Wedding y/y?


Friday, May 6, 2011

Crossword puzzle proposal

Hey Scrabble and Words With Friends Geeks, check this out:

The Washington Post newspaper's crossword puzzle had special meaning this weekend for one local couple. With the complicity of the daily broadsheet, Corey Newman, 28, of Alexandria, Virginia, proposed to his live-in girlfriend, Marlowe Epstein, 31, through clues buried in a specially-crafted puzzle.

The clue for 37 Across, asked for the name of a role in the movie "Shakespeare in Love." The answer - Marlowe. 39 Across asked for the name of a "Casablanca" screenwriter. The answer - Epstein.

They're totally adorable:

Skip to 3:12 for the actual proposal

The clincher was 51 Across: "Words with a certain ring to them." As soon as Epstein came up with the answer - "Will you marry me" - Newman got down on one knee, whipped out a diamond ring and repeated the question. "Yes, of course!" Epstein said. "I was sort of blown away," she said. "I was so impressed that he managed to pull that off!"

The video shows the groom's desperate search for the right newspaper - it's the proposal that almost wasn't.



Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Royal Wedding - late!

I totally spaced on my post about the Royal wedding! It's pretty obvious that I wasn't super into the hype surrounding it, but when I saw that gown I fell in love with Kate Middleton. She's gorgeous, poised, and confident. Love or not, I fast forwarded through 95% of the event, pausing only to watch their vows, marvel at William's enormous bald "spot", and watch them ride stiffly in a carriage. Because I paid so little attention, I thought the reception would be televised as well, so I was really disappointed when I didn't get to see their cake until the next day.

You've seen these, but here they are again.

This dress was so gorgeous. I literally gasped because I was so shocked that it wasn't ugly. The gown is timeless and traditional - we'll still be looking at pictures of her in 50 years and saying how beautiful she was. I think we can say good bye to the strapless wedding gown trend of the last decade or so. Strapless gown brides (myself included) prepare to look dated! If I was planning my wedding, I would now want lace sleeves. While I hate veils, I loved this veil. It wasn't bunched up at the top or fussy - she was just draped in silk. And putting her sister in white? Classy, IMO. And why am I detecting more love from her for her sister than I do in any of her interactions with William?

On top of looking good, she's seemed quietly confident. I'm sure she was OMFGing inside, but she did a good job of hiding it. THAT EMBROIDERY! Love. And did you notice her brief-yet-beautiful bouquet? It's a far cry from Princess Diana (or Posh Spice's) nightmare of a trailing bouquet.

Another picture. They look as happy as reserved English people can look.

Here's what I care about -the royal wedding cake. "Garland on the cake matched architectural garland in the room, and each of the many varieties of flowers decorating the cake carried a specific meaning. The wedding cake was made up of 17 individual fruitcakes, with 12 forming the base. The cake was then decorated with cream and white icing using the Joseph Lambeth technique." FRUITCAKE? That's just wrong. It is very pretty, but NO FRUITCAKE.

And here's the meme heard round the world. HAHAHA, poor kid.

It was fun for a minute, but now it's gone...until Harry gets married. I think it would be awesome if he ran off to Vegas and eloped. He seems like the type that might.


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Monday, May 2, 2011

Amazing record player invitations

These amazing record player wedding invitations have been making the rounds lately. They are great - truly beautiful and very creative.

For the whole, lengthy backstory, visit the designer's blog: Kelli Anderson

The invitations are trendy and cute, with a special surprise

This is a close-up of the printed flexi-disk record:

Here's the video of the invitations in action:

Paper Record Player from kellianderson on Vimeo.

Very cool! And, I'm assuming, VERY EXPENSIVE. I can only imagine the cost of all of this. Hopefully the guests appreciated this little piece of art and engineering in their mailbox.