Friday, May 20, 2011

Super Mario Theme Wedding

This is cute:

PELLA, Ia.— Most brides-to-be think about colors, flowers and the dress when they decide the "I do" details. But, one central Iowa couple is using a video game for inspiration.

Bobbi VanZante and Elijah Slagter look like any couple in love. But, they're planning a wedding that's anything but ordinary. VanZante says, "It's a Mario themed wedding."

As in Mario Bros, from the popular video game that came out in the 1980's. VanZante says, "We both grew up doing Mario, playing the Mario games and just something for our generation, and we wanted to do something different."

The bride will walk down the aisle dressed as Princess Peach. The groom says, "I'm Mario." And, the mothers will wear star costumes for the big day. Mother-of-the-Bride Lori Mullen says, "It's her day, her special time, so whatever she wants."

As for the dad's duties, VanZante says her father will walk her down the aisle in a Bowser costume [Oh em gee, I would love to see this], She says, "It's kind of part of the game. Bowser steals and all of his buddies, steal Princess Peach." She continues, "At the wedding Bowser is finally giving Princess Peach to Mario, like my dad will at the wedding."

Wedding preparations started in December. They've been collecting gold coins, making mushrooms, and constructing turtle shells. They've also made piles of pirahna plants and are working on a castle. As for the cost? VanZante says, "We thought it would be a lot cheaper." But, she says she's not sure how much the wedding will end up costing.

Mullen says it will be worth it. She says, "This is perfect. It will be a fun day, good remembrance as long as they're happy."

The couple is even asking guests to dress the part. They can be any character, except Princess Peach or Mario. They'll tie the knot August 6th.

Have a geek-tastic weekend. I'm going to be wearing out my copy of LA Noire. Woo!


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