Monday, August 30, 2010

Haunted Mansion Wedding

Halloween is coming! Temporary Halloween store signs are going up all over my neighborhood, and I'm seeing lots of spooky things in the stores - it's the start of my favorite time of year!

My friend sent me a link to this gorgeous, amazing Haunted Mansion wedding. If you just want to look at a few of the photos, I'm posting my favorites, but if you want the whole story about this amazing wedding, visit Midnight in the Garden of Eden's post. Normally, I try to re-post here, but in this case I have nothing to offer except lots of gushy praise.

Custom-made signs announce the wedding location. I wonder if they'll make me plaques for my house? These are beautiful and SO well-made.

The lovely couple at their head table. They've really captured all the key Mansion elements.

I just can't believe how perfect all their work is. Love it!!!

-Kay Banks

Friday, August 27, 2010

Batman and Wonder Woman wed

I'm lazy today, so here are pictures for you to enjoy.

Yay, geeks! Even the kids are in on the fun.


Original article with words

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nintendo cartridge wedding announcements

Found via Wedinator, a thread on Reddit starts with

A friend of mine has been talking up how cool his wedding invite is for weeks.....finally it shows up...

[Parents] Invite you to share in the joy of the marriage between their children Elizabeth and Christopher, November 6th 2010. Lawn of The Picnic House, Prospect Park.

The original poster has deleted his account, but from the comments it seems like it's not a real NES cartridge, and they could use a graphic designer, but we'll give them points for geekiness. I also like this comment:

Thank you Christopher! But Elizabeth is at another Picnic House!

I'm not sure if I should roll my eyes or laugh, so I'll do both.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Creepy yet elegant wedding gown

This wedding gown is simple with just a little touch of creepiness, and it's "only" $734.

The dress is white viscose with a ceramic hand. I think it's a cool idea. But viscose? Ew. No wonder it doesn't quite drape nicely. Or maybe the model just needs a few sandwiches.


via whorange

Friday, August 20, 2010

Projector ring projects warm, fuzzy memories

This ring is awesome, and I am currently coming up with ideas for my own.

Not content with your run of the mill giant rock, soon to be award winning husband Luke Jerram teamed up with a local jewelry designer to create a custom mini-projector wedding ring.

Jerram's design was inspired by 19th century stanhopes (don't worry, I didn't know what those were either!), and contains a tiny photographic slide paired with a lens. When illuminated by an equally small light source—Jerram says even a candle will work—the couple will have four adorable images of themselves projected wherever they go.

Very cool!

Have a great weekend.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

British royalty to share their photos on Flickr

It's undoubtedly a publicity stunt to make the monarchy seem more accessible, but the Royal Family will allow their personal family photos to be published to Flickr, and people will be allowed to use them. (Lewd and poorly 'shopped pictures of me and Prince William and Prince Harry! Yay!)

To this day, people are still obsessed with the wedding of Prince Charles to Lady Diana, so I'm sure this has been a popular hangout for those interested in the jetsetting lives of the figureheads. Zing.

There's not much of interest in the wedding photos, but it's kind of fun to look through the older ones to see how style has changed. I always forget how beautiful the Queen was.


Monday, August 16, 2010

$9000 family heirloom lost during proposal

This is all over the news, and I can't believe that everyone is focusing on the cost rather than the meaning. Rings can be replaced, but imagine losing a family treasure! Here's the story:

Cawley's plan was to surprise Scanlon with the ring during a romantic walk along Lighthouse Jetty in South Yarmouth on Monday morning.

He tied it to a big sand dollar with some string, slipped it onto a rock when she wasn't looking, and then slyly called her attention to it. She grabbed the sand dollar, but the ring tumbled into the rocky nooks of the jetty -- and vanished.

"You could just hear it go -- click, click, click -- down through the rocks," said Cawley, a 30-year-old from Dedham who works in his family's restaurant. "I knew it was gone." "It was just a freak accident," lamented Scanlon, a 31-year-old schoolteacher from Needham. "I don't understand why it happened to us. It's one of those things 'Why us?'"

The panicky couple summoned beachgoers, lifeguards -- even Tom Flynn with his metal detector. But four hours of searching proved fruitless.

The couple's relatives -- waiting back at the house to throw an engagement party -- were left to wonder. [It's rather presumptuous to throw a party, but it's a thoughtful idea] "They were worried because we were gone so long," said Cawley with a laugh. "Either thought she said 'No!' or they thought we got a room."

Cawley just shakes his head [over the incident]. "I asked her 'Did you at least see the ring?' And she said 'No!'"

But Cawley still uttered the key question as they made their way back from the beach -- ringless -- and Stacey said "Yes!"

Now Cawley knows why his Mom scolded him so often as a kid about climbing on those rocks.

"And now 30 years later she's saying 'I always told you to stay off those rocks!' So listen to your mother." Good idea. Because last Friday, Matt's mother, unbeknownst to him, went ahead and insured the ring -- just in case.

My cynical opinion - insurance scam. Or this guy is hopeless at predicting the future. Jewelry and beaches to not mix!


Friday, August 13, 2010

Rush Limbaugh's wedding pictures

Rush Limbaugh posted his wedding pictures on Facebook. Wait, where are you going? Hear me out: I listened to his show every day for several years at my first real job. At first, I thought I was going to have to quit (no headphones allowed, and we HAD to listen to Rush), but then I realized that if I pretended the entire show was a joke or satire, he was actually really funny. He did so many drugs that he lost his hearing, yet he still maintained a radio show. And he marries much younger women, and he loves to party. Not what I'd expect from the most conservative man in radio (or is it?). Check out his opulent wedding:

Rush and Kathryn (nee Rogers). I, uh, notice something very this picture. Do you see what I see?

There's no other word I can think of that better suits this than opulent. Those flowers and chandeliers are so...big!

I'm not a journalist, so I'm not going to try to figure out where this place is, but it's gorgeous.

Apparently this is Snerdley. When I listened to the show, I always pretended that Snerdley was his imaginary friend or a code name for drugs. I guess I was wrong.

Rush and Elton. Cats and dogs, living together, MASS HYSTERIA!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Honeymoon at Hogwarts

This is a postcard from Post Secret, and yet another of the "secrets" that I can relate to.

I laughed out loud (yeah, I spelled it) when I read this because similarly nerdy thoughts fill my head. I don't specifically love Harry Potter or Hogwarts, but I frequently wish I could visit something Seussian or Burton-esque. I look on travel sites sometimes, but I don't know the airport code for Hallowen Town.

-Kay Banks

Monday, August 9, 2010

Desire To Ejaculate Motivates Local Christian To Wed

Ah, I love The Onion:

PADUCAH, KY—Throughout his life, 22-year-old Matthew Leske has been a devout Christian, attending services three times a week at Holy Christ Almighty Lutheran Church in his hometown of Paducah, regularly participating in Bible-study devotionals with his mother and four sisters, and faithfully adhering to the dictums of his strict fundamentalist Christian upbringing.

Though his wedding date has yet to be set, fundamentalist Christian Matthew Leske is so eager to ejaculate that he has already purchased his tuxedo and is waiting patiently at the church.

Throughout his post-pubescent life, Leske has also, like all male humans, been gripped by an intense, all-consuming desire to ejaculate sperm, but has been unable to do so out of fear of incurring the wrath of God and suffering an eternity of agonizing punishment in the afterlife.

A part-time prep-cook and odd-job yardwork handyman when not volunteering as a Bible witness to local shut-ins and nursing-home residents, the young Leske has never had much time for socializing with members of the opposite sex. Nevertheless, last week, Leske announced his intention to marry fellow Christian Luann Ruth Perkins, also a member of Holy Christ Almighty, whom he met on a church-sponsored Luther League hayride two months ago.

Leske cited his irresistible desire to achieve sexual climax and ejaculate sperm without having to go to hell as the number one factor in his decision to propose marriage.

We've all known couples like this, amirite? Couples that don't quite seem on the same page except for their burning hot desire to suddenly get married.

It's 8/9/10. Weird.

-Kay Banks

Friday, August 6, 2010

Eddie Munster dates super fan

News sources kind of screwed up this one because originally stories said that Butch Patrick got married, then he was just engaged, and now he's simply dating this woman. It's a weird story anyway, so just pretend, yes?

Forty-five years after a Pennsylvania woman sent a fan letter to her favorite TV star, they've made a Munster match. Donna McCall was a 10-year-old with a crush on Butch Patrick, who played boy werewolf Eddie Munster in the mid-`60s sitcom "The Munsters." In her letter, she asked Patrick how tall he was because girls at the time were making gum wrapper chains long enough to match the height of their boyfriends. To her delight, the young actor responded and included his height — 5 feet, 4 inches. Like many childhood projects, however, the wrapper chain wasn't completed. Decades passed.

McCall was a Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader in the late 1970s, worked for 20 years as a hospital pharmacist, married and divorced. When "The Munsters" ended in 1966 after two years on the air, Patrick left Mockingbird Lane and appeared on shows including "My Three Sons" and "Lidsville," though Eddie Munster remains his best known role.

An online article about a man who holds the world record for making a 12-mile-long gum wrapper chain triggered McCall's memory of her preteen idol. She found an e-mail address for Patrick, and a correspondence began. McCall, now 55 and living 30 miles outside Philadelphia in West Chester, sent along a picture from her cheerleading days, said Patrick, 57, who never married but has a 23-year-old son in Missouri. She also sent photos of herself doing activities on her "bucket list," from scuba diving and trapeze lessons to race car driving, he said.

"That intrigued me a lot," Patrick said. "She's single, she's beautiful, she's in the nicest part of the country and she likes to do adventurous things. I figured I had to meet this woman." The pair agreed to meet May 8 at a horror convention outside Pittsburgh called DraculaCon. You could say it was love at first bite. "I think a lot of people ... thought there was something special going on between us," McCall said. "It was just very comfortable, very easy."

Within weeks, Patrick, who has homes in Los Angeles and Florida, moved to Pennsylvania to be with McCall. He's working this Halloween season with a company called 13 Haunts as its "spokesperson and in-house celebrity Munster" for appearances at its 13 haunted houses in the Philadelphia area.

The couple say they are not engaged, contrary to other reports.

"We've only known each other for three months, four months, so it would be a little crazy to be jumping into that," McCall said. Patrick added: "It's not that it's not going to happen, but one day at a time, so to speak."

Meanwhile, they say they're enjoying getting to know each other — both are active in fundraising at the Chester County Arts Association, and Patrick is enlisting Hollywood friends including Shirley Jones and Lindsay Wagner to lend their celebrity signatures to an upcoming exhibit of embellished bras called "BRAvo Arts Alive" to benefit breast cancer organizations.

After the busy Halloween season for Patrick, he and McCall plan to head to Los Angeles so she can meet his family. "We'll get through the holidays," he said. "Then next year's a new year. Who knows?"

Isn't this a strange story!? Can you imagine sending pictures of yourself doing things to a celebrity? And then getting a response!? It's great that they're happy, but I think it's a little creepy. Maybe that's perfect for the guy who played Eddie Munster.


P.S. In case you're wondering where I stand on the great Addams vs Munsters debate, here's my position: While I absolutely love the Munsters, I'm team Addams all the way.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weird/cute proposal that stops time

This guy wanted to proposed to his girlfriend in a spectacular way - he wanted to stop time:

Skip ahead to 5:15 to just see the proposal, but if you do you'll miss the part where they take the groom-to-be shopping. He tries on clothes suggested by the fashion expert and says that they're uncomfortable, weird, and he doesn't like them, but "Nadia will like it". Sounds awful. And the result was jeans and a sport coat. Eye roll!

The proposal is also a little off - she looks embarrassed and annoyed. But hopefully they're happier than this video demonstrates.

My favorite part is the crowd. They all do such a good job of freezing - I especially like the guy who is halfway into eating something, and his mouth is wiiiiide open. Such commitment!

If there are any grooms out there who want to do this without the planning committee and camera crew, here's my idea. Talk to your favorite local ma and pa hangout. Fill said hangout with your friends and family (who will do this for free). Go for a casual dinner with friends, and then, after dinner, stand up and snap your fingers. It won't be perfect, but you'll be surrounded by all the people you love for an immediate celebration.


Thanks to absentee guest blogger Harriet for the link.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Wedding insurance

There's a company that will insure you against having a crappy time at your own wedding. Seriously.

Putting on a wedding is a lot like putting on a show. A very expensive stressful show that's for one night only. There's lots of different vendors, moving parts, and deposits to take care of, and if something goes wrong or, lord forbid, the wedding date needs to be moved, it can be costly, especially considering you have to work on a tight timeline.

Enter Wedsafe, which offers all-inclusive policies that can insure you in the event of cancellations, weather, disaster cakes, and if an overly drunken guest gets into an accident or a fight, in addition to the liability insurance that most venues will require you to purchase.

They're underwritten by the Markel American Insurance Company and have been around since 1999. The liability insurance can be purchased online up to 24 hours in advance of the event and the cancellation insurance can be gotten up to 14 days prior. It's only a few hundred bucks and you can do it all online within a few minutes. Unfortunately, they do not cover losses incurred due to Bridezilla attacks.

I have a better idea. Check your vendors' references, and don't invite people who can't behave. Ta da! No insurance required. Can't help you with the weather though. Don't get married in May if you don't like rain.