Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weird/cute proposal that stops time

This guy wanted to proposed to his girlfriend in a spectacular way - he wanted to stop time:

Skip ahead to 5:15 to just see the proposal, but if you do you'll miss the part where they take the groom-to-be shopping. He tries on clothes suggested by the fashion expert and says that they're uncomfortable, weird, and he doesn't like them, but "Nadia will like it". Sounds awful. And the result was jeans and a sport coat. Eye roll!

The proposal is also a little off - she looks embarrassed and annoyed. But hopefully they're happier than this video demonstrates.

My favorite part is the crowd. They all do such a good job of freezing - I especially like the guy who is halfway into eating something, and his mouth is wiiiiide open. Such commitment!

If there are any grooms out there who want to do this without the planning committee and camera crew, here's my idea. Talk to your favorite local ma and pa hangout. Fill said hangout with your friends and family (who will do this for free). Go for a casual dinner with friends, and then, after dinner, stand up and snap your fingers. It won't be perfect, but you'll be surrounded by all the people you love for an immediate celebration.


Thanks to absentee guest blogger Harriet for the link.


  1. and he's a new yorker who's a cubs fan! woo!

    As great as a proposal is, I'd be pissed if I was FAKE INTERVIEWED.

    Is this a whole show about proposing to people?

  2. yeah, the ruse is pretty odd. "hey, you're great! i'd like to celebrate your accomplishment! just kidding, let's get married" what a mind eff!

    i really think it would have been better if she were meeting a girlfriend for lunch or something.


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