Monday, May 9, 2011

R---- W------ Blues

Okay, enough with the royal wedding, RIGHT? This is (probably) it, and then I'll move on to something new.

Remember the young woman who went on a hunger strike for a Royal Wedding invitation?

She made it to England, but was denied entry. She didn't sound terribly stable, so I'm not surprised.

It's always shocking to see the terrible things that people will tattoo on their bodies. Check out this hideous Royal Wedding tattoo.

I don't get it at all.

Finally, if you're wondering how the ga-ga-gorgeous gown was kept a secret, especially when so many people hand-crafted it, now we know: they lied.

The lace-makers were told that Kate's lace was actually for a dress for a British period costume drama. McQueen seamstresses were also told that they were doing a dress for a film, and when Sarah Burton went to Buckingham Palace to assemble the dress, she worked with helpers who had all signed secrecy agreements.

No more about the Royal Wedding y/y?


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