Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Royal Wedding - late!

I totally spaced on my post about the Royal wedding! It's pretty obvious that I wasn't super into the hype surrounding it, but when I saw that gown I fell in love with Kate Middleton. She's gorgeous, poised, and confident. Love or not, I fast forwarded through 95% of the event, pausing only to watch their vows, marvel at William's enormous bald "spot", and watch them ride stiffly in a carriage. Because I paid so little attention, I thought the reception would be televised as well, so I was really disappointed when I didn't get to see their cake until the next day.

You've seen these, but here they are again.

This dress was so gorgeous. I literally gasped because I was so shocked that it wasn't ugly. The gown is timeless and traditional - we'll still be looking at pictures of her in 50 years and saying how beautiful she was. I think we can say good bye to the strapless wedding gown trend of the last decade or so. Strapless gown brides (myself included) prepare to look dated! If I was planning my wedding, I would now want lace sleeves. While I hate veils, I loved this veil. It wasn't bunched up at the top or fussy - she was just draped in silk. And putting her sister in white? Classy, IMO. And why am I detecting more love from her for her sister than I do in any of her interactions with William?

On top of looking good, she's seemed quietly confident. I'm sure she was OMFGing inside, but she did a good job of hiding it. THAT EMBROIDERY! Love. And did you notice her brief-yet-beautiful bouquet? It's a far cry from Princess Diana (or Posh Spice's) nightmare of a trailing bouquet.

Another picture. They look as happy as reserved English people can look.

Here's what I care about -the royal wedding cake. "Garland on the cake matched architectural garland in the room, and each of the many varieties of flowers decorating the cake carried a specific meaning. The wedding cake was made up of 17 individual fruitcakes, with 12 forming the base. The cake was then decorated with cream and white icing using the Joseph Lambeth technique." FRUITCAKE? That's just wrong. It is very pretty, but NO FRUITCAKE.

And here's the meme heard round the world. HAHAHA, poor kid.

It was fun for a minute, but now it's gone...until Harry gets married. I think it would be awesome if he ran off to Vegas and eloped. He seems like the type that might.


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