Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Michelle and Barack's Wedding Photo

You could argue that Barack's name should come first since he's captain of the free world, but I'm writing Miss Michelle LaVaughn Robinson's name first since etiquette dictates that the bride's name comes first*.

I'm not a fan of any politician, but I'll admit that Michelle Obama captured my attention with her down-to-earth, sensible style. I knew I liked her after her appearance on the Tonight Show when she said that she likes JCrew and shops online. ME TOO!

The bride looks lovely in this full, off-the-shoulder gown. The width of the shoulders really accents her enviable height.

I haven't seen many dresses with long sleeves like this one. I prefer the more dainty lace sleeves than these opaque, satin sleeves, but they wed in October in Chicago, so the sleeves were a sensible choice.

She looks very elegant with her hair pulled back, and look at those collarbones! In the full-length shot you can see the long veil over her train. She looks like she's standing in a gossamer twist.

The moms look nice too. The mother of the bride accents her daughter with the black-and-white dress, and the mother of the groom highlights the fall season with her pumpkin colored tunic. It's interesting that the bride's mother has a bouquet and the groom's mother has a corsage.

As for Mr. President, he looks dashing in his classic tuxedo. The grooms really have it easy!


*The bride's name generally comes first since her parents pay for the wedding. This is not always true, and there's certainly no rule that you have to put the bride's name first, but it seems like the gentlemanly thing to do.


  1. Great post! Man, I love Michelle. She looks so statuesque in the second photo!

  2. She's really beautiful! Definitely one of the most attractive first-ladies.

  3. i have to say i think she looks way better now, maybe because these are a tad dated. But I think no one looks good with their hair back, so that's possibly why too. I am snarky tonight! :)

  4. You are snarky! I think the moms look a bit dated, but Michelle's hair in particular is a really classic look (to me).

    The only think I'm not a fan of is the white bow tie because it blends in with the tuxedo shirt.


  5. yeah i feel like "put your hair back! you look so pretty with your hair back!" is a lie only parents tell.

    it's true tho--she escaped looking mostly undated.


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