Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Deck Collapses Under Wedding Party

Reports say that as many as 30 people were on a deck on Mill's Bray Trace in Lawrenceville [Georgia] when the deck gave way. Wedding guests were posing for post-wedding photos on the deck when the deck collapsed.

Although the drop distance was estimated to be 12 to 15 feet, and some people were injured, fortunately nobody fell under the debris. The injuries could have been a lot worse if anyone had been trapped under the wreckage.

The deck showed signs of termite damage and that could have contributed to the collapse of the deck.

Reports said that 4 children were taken to Scottish Rite Hospital for care.

Since there were no serious injuries, I feel safe asking if anyone else remembers the Simpsons episode where Krusty refuses to do a charity event for B.C. - balcony collapse. Krusty says "I don't care about B.C. ... I care about M.E!"


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