Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Couple marries at drive-in diner

A couple in Mississippi exchanged vows and held their reception at a '50s themed drive-in diner.

Barbara Murrium works at the Bumper’s on Terry Road and said she didn’t see any reason not to have the wedding and reception there. “South Jackson still has good in it,” she said. “We and Bumpers are here to stay.”

Barbara Murrium also said that she and her new husband, Leedel Murrium were able to save money by choosing the restaurant over a traditional church wedding.

“The way times are now, it's very important to save money,” Barbara Murrium said. “We've got to save money and this is the best way to save. We didn't have to rent a church -- we did it right here.”

The idea was helped along by Barbara Murrium’s Bumpers manger Josephine Mason. “I said, 'Let's have it here! Why not do it here?' It was something different and something unique. All of her coworkers and family could be here,” Mason said. “Instead of white rice, we threw wild rice because this is wild!”

Good for them! I'm always a fan of frugal spending, and I don't think a couple should go into debt just for a wedding. I don't buy things that I can't afford:

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