Friday, July 10, 2009

Man loses wedding ring in a toll basket

A man named Rodger Moore* in Texas was on his way home from a wedding when his wedding ring slipped off his finger and into a toll basket on the Dallas North Tollway.

Weary from the festivities, the unfamiliar terrain, and the infernal heat, he pulled up to a toll booth on the southbound side of the Dallas North Tollway, and fumbled for a fistful of change. When he threw the quarters into the toll basket, his wedding ring flew off and went down the chute with them.

"I had lost some weight recently, and planned to get the ring resized," Mr. Moore told me. "We don't have toll roads up here, and I'm not used to them." He called his wife back in Ohio, who was understandably distressed: "She said, 'How could this happen?' I told her, 'It just flew off'."

Photo from billjacobus1

Mr. Moore stopped at a manned booth at the next toll exit (he's still not sure where he was, but estimated it was "10 to 15 minutes" from Love Field). He told the woman there what had happened, and she suggested he leave his phone number. Without much hope, but anxious to catch his plane, he did.

But [by] the time he landed in Columbus, Mr. Moore said, there was a call on his cell phone from an NTTA supervisor, pledging to search for the ring. A few days later, it arrived at his front door, via certified mail.

"It's just a gold band, and I could always get another one," he said. "But, you know, it's your wedding ring. If not for their work, that toll ride could have been really pricey."

I've had my rings fly off my hand because my fingers shrink from the cold, so I totally understand how this could happen. Glad he got his rings back!


*Not this guy. That's Roger Moore. Can you imagine? Octopussy, I've lost my wedding ring! What will my wife think?

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