Monday, July 13, 2009

Painting a bride

Carrie, they're all gonna laugh at you...

A Halifax-area [Canada] woman has pleaded guilty to two counts of mischief for spray-painting her sister-in-law as she was on her way to her wedding last July.

Michelle Marie King, 35, of Lower Sackville will be sentenced Sept. 10.

Besides getting black paint on Nancy Rose and her wedding dress, King sprayed the white limousine that was carrying the bride and her attendants to the church, as well as the driver's uniform.

The attack happened last July 26 in a coffee shop parking lot in Halifax.

From Jaredmoo

Rose said the paint struck her on the right side of her face, on her right arm and also her dress and veil.

Rose said she hadn't been on speaking terms with her sister-in-law for almost a year before the incident.


Ready for this? This article was found via The J-Walk Blog and sent in by Jenny. Thank you!

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