Monday, July 27, 2009

Spooky celebrity wedding – Robert Smith

Don’t tell Andrew Eldritch, but the Cure is one of my favorite bands. Yes, Robert Smith does look like a messy dad-type these days, but he used to be so cute in a cuddly sort of way.

Robert Smith and his future wife Mary Poole met in drama class when Robert was only 14 years old. They were married in 1988 and have been together ever since. According to this site Lovesong was written as a special wedding present to the bride. I can’t imagine anything more flattering – it’s such a beautiful song.

Look at this beautiful couple

The groom’s not dressed quite like I imagined, but his hair and dramatic make up are classic Bob. The bride looks happy and radiant.

Group shot

The first thing I notice – WHAT IS ROBERT SMITH WEARING ON HIS FEET! Yeesh. Is that a trademark that I’m unaware of? I love the bride’s dress though. It has a lot of layers and volume without being too poufy. They look so adorably perfect together.



  1. As a matter of fact the overly puffy white tennis shoes are a Fat Bob trademark.

    I do believe they even appear in many of the videos.

    My guess is they are meant to be an ironic/playful offset to the otherwise macabre image.

  2. Anon,

    I had no idea, thanks for commenting. The darker celebrities can be really disappointing. When I saw the Cure, Robert Smith was wearing a sports jersey. When I saw the Sisters of Mercy, A.E. was wearing a sports jersey. When I saw a panel with Tim Burton he was supposed to be talking about Nighmare Before Christmas but he was talking about the Lakers!


  3. I was just going to say, yeah, those horrible shoes ARE one of his trademarks!!!

    When I saw them he was wearing a sports jersey as well. What's with these goth dudes and their love of sports?!


  4. Guessing you're American- They are NOT wearing sports 'jerseys'(shirts), they are actually wearing dress shirts, just without bow ties, quite common this side of the pond where we dress for occasions and can tell one garment of clothing from another. That will be because we don't all walk around in leisure suits or pant suits or what ever the hell passes for coverage over there. Grrrrrrrrr.

  5. I have no idea why you're so hostile over clothing names, but the sports jerseys that I was referring to are sports jerseys, and not tie-less dress shirts. I saw Robert Smith at a concert, and he was wearing a jersey; this is not in reference to the photos posted above.

    Grrrrr indeed.


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