Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Teacher apologizes for mock-wedding to student

A fourth-grade teacher in Falmouth, Maine, has apologized for playing the groom in a mock wedding to a student.

The principal told parents Paul Rosenblum of Plummer-Motz School agreed after the girl proposed and there was much cajoling from his class, the Portland Press Herald reported.

At a brief playground ceremony, Rosenblum wore a black graduation gown and a clown tie and the girl had a sheet draped around her clothes for her gown. At the end, Rosenblum said there would be no kiss; he took her hand and they ran down the gazebo ramp toward the library.

The school received five or six phone calls about the incident. Superintendent Barbara Powers wouldn't say whether any disciplinary action was taken against the 22-year teaching veteran, citing personnel matters.

Fourth graders are generally 9 years old. 9 year old still like to play dress-up, but they're old enough to get crushes on the (completely non-sexual because they wear purity rings so why would you even consider sex when you think about them?) Jonas Brothers. This teacher really should have known better.


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