Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bridezilla could go to jail

Attention Bridezilla fans! I've mentioned that I don't watch Bridezillas, but I came across this and thought some of you might like it:

A Racine woman says she was just "playing the game" when a cable reality show offered to pay for her wedding if she acted like an out of control bride for the cameras. Her acting may have this bridezilla playing the real life role of an inmate. Gibson said, "I thought it would be a nice opportunity for me to show my acting skills, cause I've always wanted to be an actress and also a way for my family to get some income to help me pay for my wedding."

Gibson claims her bad behavior on the show was all an act. Gibson says, "I'm not like that at all and that's why it was fun for me because I'm not like that at all and that's why I'm getting so upset because everybody thinks I'm like that because I did such a good job acting and that's not me." Her convincing appearance on the show could land her in jail. Gibson is on probation for a fight she got into in high school. Her probation officer says her behavior on Bridezillas is a violation of her parole.

The 21-year-old wife and mother has been ordered to report to the Racine County Jail Monday afternoon. Now her decision to appear on Bridezillas is one she regrets. Gibson hired attorney Alan Eisenberg to represent her. He says he plans to file multiple lawsuits on Gibson's behalf. Eisenberg says, "She had engaged in no misconduct of any kind...there is no excuse for this."

Gibson says she actually asked her probation officer to appear on the show. Gibson has been ordered to report to Racine County Jail jail by 4:00 p.m. In the meantime Gibson warns the public saying, "Don't believe everything you see on reality tv. Reality tv does not always means it's real."

Well, I am shocked, I tell you SHOCKED to discover that reality TV isn't all real. But mostly, this just reinforces my belief that people who sign up for reality shows have a screw loose. If you're on probation, you probably shouldn't intentionally act like a nut on tv. Your probation officer might be watching...


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