Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Morning Snark

Time for some real-life awkward wedding photos courtesey of Awkward Family Photos. If the couples genuinely like these photos, then I'm happy for them, but...really?

I can see the photographer's direction now "Okay, now Groom - get under her dress so it looks like she's just given birth to a full-grown man!"

Groom! Look as uncomfortable as possible, and try not to laugh. I SAID DON'T LAUGH. Dad, touch your son's back in an awkward, yet encouraging manner. Mother of the Groom, try to look surprised. Mother of the Bride, look at the Groom as he STEALS YOUR BABY AWAY FROM YOU.

Hey, girl in the white dress! Do you think this day is about you?! Move off to the side while this important couple makes out. Gesundheit.

Happy Monday!


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