Friday, August 28, 2009

The most expensive weddings bands

If you want to hire a celebrity band for your wedding, then you're probably really loaded. Can I come?

Here's a list of the cost to hire a famous band for your wedding. It was compiled by a British TV station and translated into US Dollars by yours truly:

1. The Rolling Stones up to $8,250,000
2. Sir Elton John up to $3,300,000
3. Kylie Minogue up to $3,300,000 (obviously, this is a UK list)
4. Christina Aguilera up to $2,475,000
5. George Michael $2,145,000
6. Amy Winehouse $1,650,000 (not to be a jerk, but...really?)
7. Sir Paul McCartney $1,650,000
8. Leona Lewis $1,650,000 (who?)
9. Jennifer Lopez $1,650,000
8. Barry Manilow $1,237,500

According to the article, you could hire Rick Astley to rickroll your wedding for a mere $41,250.

Did you click? You didn't really click that, did you?


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