Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bedrock wedding

This story is kind of wordy, so I am going to summarize: Two couples had a charitable double wedding with a Flintstones theme. It started off as a drunken joke, but soon enough they were planning their stone age wedding.

Fred and Wilma were really Andrea and Simon Bean, while Barney and Betty Rubble were Richard and Jill Noble. They had their wedding at a golf club, and then went to a "dinosaur park" to take wedding photos.

The women look perfect! The men have something going on with their hair, but the cuffs are a nice touch.

Their guests were really supportive of their wedding theme choice - 165 guests dressed as cavepeople, the two best men were dinosaurs, and they had a tiered cake that looked like rocks. The brides entered the ceremony to the traditional wedding march, but it quickly changed to the Flinstones theme (on the organ!).

Awesome! The raised clubs make them look like an angry mob, but I love that most people turned up in costume. I can't spot the dinosaur groomsmen that the article mentions, but I hope one was Dino and the other was Hoppy.

The idea came from a group visit to Alton Towers (a theme park in England; it's no Disneyland) when one of the men started laughing like Barney Rubble. They started calling each other by the character names and it just stuck.

Their wedding was charitable as well - they asked for donations to the Children's Liver Disease foundation and raised roughly $2000 for the charity. Andrea Bean aka Wilma holds the cause close to her heart since her own son had a liver transplant as a baby. She says “My son wouldn't be here today if somebody hadn't donated their liver to him, so I'm always urging people to sign up for organ donation too.”


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