Monday, September 7, 2009

Elizabeth Taylor - Wedding #3

When Elizabeth Taylor married Michael Todd, they had four failed marriages between them.

Only days after her divorce from Michael Wilding, Elizabeth Taylor and Mike Todd were married. February 2, 1957 they exchanged their vows in Acapulco, Mexico.

The engagement ring that was given to Taylor caused quite a stir - it was a 30 carat emerald-cut diamond. I don't even know how she could wear something that large without walking like Neanderthal man.


Here's Elizabeth Taylor with her husband, Mike Todd, his best friend (and best man) Eddie Fisher and his wife Debbie Reynolds. More on why that's important tomorrow.

Here's the happy couple with their families. You can't tell, but Taylor is a few months pregnant in these photos. This isn't my favorite of Taylor's wedding looks. She looks lovely, of course, and compare her face to her mom's! They look so similar. I am fond of trailing bouquets, so I love the flowers.

Thanks to Flickr user likeabalalaika

During their marraige, Taylor gave birth to her third child - Elizabeth "Liza" Frances Todd in August of the same year.

Taylor was busy filming Cat On A Hot Tin Roof with Paul Newman when her marriage ended tragically. On March 22 1958, Todd's private plane, Lucky Liz, crashed in New Mexico. The plane had a failed engine from being flown while severely overladed. The crash killed everyone on board.


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