Thursday, September 10, 2009

Elizabeth Taylor - Wedding #7

in 1976 Elizabeth Taylor married a man named John Warner - her first non-show business marriage. Warner is a veteran of the US Navy and Marines, and had a thirty year career as a Virgina state senator.

The two were set-up on a blind date and married shortly after that. When they announced their wedding, the press mocked her, but friends (including his ex Barbara Walters) supported their union. Friends said he was dull, but just what she needed.

I can't find a wedding picture of the two, so you're going to have to settle for gossip. Apparently, being the wife of a public political figure. She was told to cut back on all the frank talk about her personal life, sexy dress, and ostentatious jewelry. At first she embraced the position, but eventually it became to restrictive to be the good, quiet wife of a politician. She cursed at photographers, drank, and spoke freely.

From Elizabeth Taylor, The Last Star By Kitty Kelley

In 1982 the two divorced.

After her divorce was finalized, she admitted herself to the Betty Ford clinic for alcohol abuse treatment. Again, she was a trend-setting woman; she was the first celebrity to publicly admit a drug problem.


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