Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday morning snark

Really, England? REALLY?

A slice of Prince Charles and Camilla's wedding cake is to be auctioned today [last Monday] - but could fetch 15 times less than a piece from his marriage to Diana.

The cake, still in its unique presentation box from the big day in 2005, is valued at £60 to £80. [$90-$130] A piece of wedding cake from Charles' marriage to Diana sold at auction last year for £1,000. [$1600]

The 28-year-old square piece [of cake from the Lady Diana wedding] was snapped up by an anonymous buyer even though only the marzipan and icing remained. [meaning it was half-eaten?!]

Who in their right mind would pay $1600, or even $100 for old cake? Gross and wasteful. How do you even store that? How do you (ew!) display your prized piece of half-eaten cake?
Dear Prince Charles and Lady Camilla,
I am very sorry about the picture above. I know it goes beyond snark and into the category of mean, but it really made me laugh when I saw it. I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me, and I really hope that you have a sense of humor.
Sincerely and apologetically,
Kay Banks.

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