Friday, October 23, 2009

Amazing Star Wars wedding

Oh my god, you guys. You guys. Oh my god. These pictures are incredible, and I don't even have words to explain how happy they make me. This has to be one of the highest-budget geek weddings ever? I loved the Katamari wedding for the simple and sweet geekiness, but this Star Wars Wedding is just over the top with awesome sauce. I don't even think you have to love Star Wars to enjoy the pictures.

LOOK AT THESE INVITATIONS! They are awesome. Tiger and Issa really have an eye for this stuff, or they had a super geek wedding planner. If I got this in the mail, I would cry tears of joy.

The lovely bride wears a Star Wars inspired gown. While it's fun to dress as Princess Leia, I like that her gown takes elements of Star Wars costuming so she looks beautiful and futuristic. (...But wait, Star Wars took place a long time ago in a far away galaxy, so it's not really futuristic. Whatever!)

Not sure if these are groomsmen, or just good sports, but this whole setup is really cool

They did such a good job of mixing feminine wedding elements with high-quality geekery.

I'm not inviting your Aunt Edna, and that's FINAL.

So cool! Congrats you two crazy padwans...all grown up and out of Jedi...that's enough, Kay.

There are many more photos at the photographer's site, and they all showcase the geekiness and love that was flowing on at this wedding.

Hope you have a great weekend!


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