Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Couple sues photographer for terrible wedding photos

A photographer in the UK has successfully been sued by Mark and Sylvia Day for 'woefully inadequate' wedding photos. The photos included headless people, random close-ups, and are described as poorly lit, and odd. The couple paid $2,200 US for these terrible photos and a shaky wedding video in which the operator swears after dropping the camera.

The Days also pleaded with the photographer to take down a photo on his website - a picture of a half-naked, three-year-old flower girl getting ready for their wedding. Creepy!

The photographer Gareth Bowers told the judge he had been in business for four years and claimed to have photographed more than 20 weddings. The judge ordered Bowers to pay back £500 from the £1,450 they paid to him, £450 in damages, £170 in court fees and £100 in loss of earnings to the couple.

I'm sure these photos were really terrible, but it seems like this can't be a one-time offense. Didn't they see a portfolio before hiring him? A man who can't take a decent group photo must have a terrible portfolio. Of course, I feel for the couple because they can never get their big day back, and this debacle will always hang over their wedding day.


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