Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cruel "proposal"

From the Telegraph: A mystery woman called Jennifer has become the talk of the town in Bilgola, NSW, Australia, after a series of signs appeared on telephone poles along Barrenjoey Rd, the busiest road in the area...

It looks like the only road in the area to me. Anyway, take a look at these photos that some scorned fellow pasted up on telephone poles overnight.

Jennifer with a heart over the i. Cute?

More hearts.

Wait, what?


Until Jennifer and her scorned beau come forward, we'll never know the story behind these posters. I can make some guesses. First, this guy is probably not grown-up enough to be married. Second, if she did something (like stealing or cheating) to cause him to go crazy enough to put these signs up, she probably wouldn't have married him anyway. So perhaps it's for the best. Or maybe this is all a hoax? If he'd really wanted to embarrass her, he would have used her last name...

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