Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dark celebrity wedding

The celebrity featured today is someone who is popular in the Philippines. He is Jay Contreras from the band Kamikazee. I've never heard of the band, but that doesn't stop me from loving this guy's crazy funeral cross-dresser wedding. This one is pretty far out - even if it's not your style the pictures are interesting.

Jay Contreras and his bride Sarah Abad

Their reception decor is very classic with the red roses and white chairs, but the black table cloths add an edge.

The guests are all in black and the bridesmaids wear fabulous black gowns

This picture is so funny. Are the guests cheering or heckling? Either way, everyone seems to be having fun.

Here is a shot from what looks like the day after photo session. She is wearing an edgier dress, and he is...also wearing an edgy dress. She appears to be sitting on a tombstone, while he wears a drop-waisted gown with a full skirt. Lovely?

All photos from MangoRed.


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