Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Is this chicken, what I have? Or fish?

This entire article is probably BS, but it's too funny not to post it:

A source close to the [Jessica Simpson] told Tarts that Simpson has been in talks to team up with celebrity jeweler Pascal Mouawad on her own jewelry line, which she wants to include wedding rings. “Jess and her mom are really pushing the wedding rings. Jess wants her own line but Pascal isn’t so keen on that,” dished our insider. “He wants to work with her, but definitely doesn’t think wedding rings would be appropriate for Jessica.”

A few months ago, Simpson hit up a listening party at Mouawad’s home in Hollywood for An-Ya, a Russian pop singer signed to Joe Simpson's music label. But the starlet got a taste for dazzling diamonds by picking up a $10,000 5-carat ring from the party host’s Black and White Diamond Collection, which is said to have sparked her interest.


Most recently, Mouawad worked with Nicole Richie on her House of Harlow line and Jermaine Dupri on the watch line NuPop. Even Lindsay Lohan has been dropping hints that she’s doing a line with him too. A rep for the jeweler told Tarts that the two had mulled over possibly working together, but as yet nothing had been officially worked out.

But perhaps the desire to design the rings indicates Jess is ready to move on with her love life. Word on the street is that Simpson is certainly getting over her ruptured romance with Tony Romo and has fallen head-over-heels for 42-year-old “Smashing Pumpkins” musician Billy Corgan.

First, OH BILLY. I loved you in middle school, man, but you've changed. And not for the better. Second, while I love Jessica Simpson's shoes (they're usually pretty comfy - seriously!) I don't think people want to wear a wedding ring designed by a celebrity. Rings are supposed to be a symbol of love, not a symbol of how much you like terrible pop music. When Jessica Simpson designs push-up bras, I might try one on. For now, I'll stick to her affordable and comfortable shoes.


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  1. I have to admit I loved her edible fragrances when they were on the market. Not the cheap body sprays from Walgreens, but the actual perfume they sold at F.Y.E. and Claire's called "Taste." It smelled so sweet and sugary. And I loved her lip glosses from the Dessert line, too.


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