Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday afternoon snark

It's rainy and gray today, and that makes me SO HAPPY! So happy, that I just have to snark this terrible wedding photo.

The couple looks normal at first glance, but...why is his shirt open? Are they going to do, you know, it? Maybe he's really, all I detect under that shirt is an unruly tuft of chest hair. Ugh. So, what's the deal with that giant treble clef? Maybe it controls the world's tiniest violin that's sitting next to...well, it's clearly a rose. I see a stem for the rose, but it seems to be from a completely different plant since flowers don't generally grow at right angles. Where are the groom's hands? Hopefully they're in his pockets and not...never mind.

Why? Why would a photographer do this to their clients? Why would a couple ever request such a baffling, funhouse montage.

Thanks to Awkward Family Photos for this awkward family photo.


p.s. Don't forget to come back tomorrow for a truly awesome wedding! A red-dress bride with a Star Wars cake!

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