Friday, January 15, 2010

Renewing your vows won't erase infidelity

This is just sad and delusional. But...whatever. They're celebrities - maybe they are good at acting like this will fix their marital problems. Here's the gossip article:

Nicole Forrester who?! One has to think that was the message Josh Duhamel was trying to send last week when he surprised his wife, Fergie, with a vow renewal ceremony. The couple, who married exactly a year ago today, wed again Wednesday, with just the two of them and a minister just outside Santa Barbara, Calif. "It was a total surprise for Fergie," a source said.

Creepy photo from their wedding shoot

Duhamel whisked Fergie away via private helicopter. During the 15-minute ceremony, overlooking the ocean, Fergie was "crying and very emotional." [She was probably picturing her husband having sex with a stripper. I'd cry too. Then I'd punch things. And by things, I mean testicles]

Afterward, the couple had a romantic dinner at the resort's upscale Miro eatery, then returned via helicopter to Los Angeles with their renewed marriage. In November, Forrester, an Atlanta stripper, alleged she had an affair with Duhamel while he was shooting the film Life As We Know It, a claim he denied. Sources close to the couple say that enduring the ordeal, which was widely reported by celebrity gossip tabloids, actually made their marriage stronger. Whether that's true or not, they're working hard on it!

Eh, whatever. If my husband cheated on my so soon after our wedding, I'd be done. But that Fergie, she never gives up. I remember her from KIDS Incorporated AND Wild Orchid (her terrible girl band). She really, really wanted to be famous. I'm kind of hard on her, right? Yeah, I am. And I don't care.


Kay Banks

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