Monday, March 1, 2010

Doug Henning Wedding photos

Sorry if you've seen this post twice! I hit Enter with my pinkie and a half-finished post got forwarded to Reader and my Twitter. Sheesh!

On Google Reader some friends were arguing over this cloud:

I suggested that it looks like George Harrison, while others thought it looked like Joseph Stalin, Inigo Montoya, and Doug Henning. In Googling Doug Henning, I stumbled upon these pictures of his wedding in 1981. It was too odd a find to ignore. In honor of the closing of Canada's 2010 Olympics, I give you CANADIAN MAGICIAN DOUG HENNING'S SECOND WEDDING PHOTOS!!!

Henning married artist Debby Douillard on December 6, 1981 in Fairfield, Iowa in The Golden Dome. The Golden Dome seems to be some kind of Yoga/meditation thing, but figure it out for yourself if you'd like. Henning's first wife was Barbara DeAngelis, but the two divorced just a few months before his second wedding.

The wedding wreath

The newscasters wait outside to give the world news of Hennig's marriage

The happy couple. They do look happy, but I have trouble getting past the awful style of the late seventies and early eighties.

The two stayed married until Henning's death in 2000 from liver cancer.

And, for the record, that cloud looks like Doug Henning. Not Stalin or Inigo Montoya!!!


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