Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jessica Verma Wedding Photography

When you put so much effort into the planning, you have to get a good photographer. I went with Jessica Verma photography and I was so happy with her work!

Disneyland Hotel Wedding Photography
Photo stolen from her site - this is not me.

We did an engagement session a few months before the Big Day and I'm glad we did because it helped us loosen up in front of the camera. We also got some nice shots that we put up at our reception (along with our parents’ wedding pictures!)

California Vineyard Wedding Photography
Also not me, though I love that dress

Before our wedding day, I emailed her a list of group shots that I wanted, so on the actual day of our wedding, she was sure to get those pictures with our important family members, and then she just did her thing.

Okay, it's me
This might be me. You'll never know.

I didn’t have a Maid of Honor or Bridesmaids (I love my family and friends – I didn’t want to torture them), but Jessica was my honorary Maid of Honor. She helped my husband put on his boutonniere, and she had everything I needed (and forgot) in her magic bag – safety pins, stain removing wipes, band-aids, etc.

When we got our pictures back (quickly!), I was so happy to see pictures of our family and friends doing all kinds of crazy stuff. She caught moments that I didn't know happened, and, of course, she made me look great! Like, better than I look in real life!

Beautiful wedding photography
Definitely not me, but a beautiful picture.

Jessica Verma Photography is based in Pasadena, CA, but I know she travels for wedding as well as doing weddings in Southern California. She does wedding photography, general portraits, glamour photography, and kids photography too. Judging from her site, she does a LOT of Disneyland Wedding Photography. Can I come? :)


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