Thursday, February 25, 2010

Man pays a lot for a crappy proposal

A lucky woman named Sally would have had the surprise of her life when she looked skyward this morning. The words "Marry me Sally" were written above Sydney’s inner west around 10am, much to the delight of thousands of people and hopefully Sally.

The original – and expensive – proposal had a slight glitch when the sky-writer missed the "e" on the end of "me".

mamm m salls

But a quick turnaround saw the missing letter added on at the end, completing the big question. Sally’s partner picked the perfect day to pop the question – the first day of clear sky in several weeks. We just hope his effort and expense paid of, and Sally said yes.

Sally won't say Yes because she won't know what the hell she's looking at. I've seen some terrible skywriting in my time, but this is the worst. I hope that guy gets his money back.

Vry truly,

Kay Banks

From Arbroath.

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