Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sam Adams founder makes specialty brew for daughter's wedding

I'm no beer connoisseur, but I do love cold beer with the right food/setting, and I like Sam Adams.

Jim Koch was just trying to come up with a unique gift for his daughter on her wedding day three summers ago. But it turns out the beer recipe he created specifically for that event will get a life of its own this year as The Boston Beer Company’s new spring seasonal beer.

The Samuel Adams Noble Pils is arriving in stores and restaurants with an interesting back story, to be sure. The founder of Boston Beer and a few friends finished off the five-gallon keg while he was on vacation after that wedding. Koch tells me he couldn’t help but think that the recipe – a pilsner beer that uses five hop varieties from Germany and the Czech Republic – would catch the attention of a wider audience.

The flavor was tested with beer drinkers as part of the company’s “Beer Lover’s Choice” program last summer. Typically, the winning flavor of this taste test at bars across the country is introduced in a year-round six pack the following year.

How awesome would it be to have your own wedding beer? And what a smart dad he is - he found a way to make back what he spent on his daughter's wedding...



  1. i had this & i didnt know the story! It's pretty good. I wonder how it relates to his daughter/the couple?

    you know the groom's friends have to totally envy their friend for marrying a beer heiress.

  2. Jenny, I'm going to try it when it hits stores! I like their seasonal specials.

    I am also curious about the specific brew. Having not yet tasted it, I can't say, but maybe he wanted it to match the season or her specific taste preferences? Either way, it's really sweet! And I'll bet her friends are jealous - I know I am!


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