Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wedding DJ review - Anaheim DJ

My husband and I booked Don, the Anaheim DJ immediately after meeting him. He was so relaxed, and he promised that our wedding day was OUR day, not his. I have been to weddings where the DJ seemed to think that he was the center of the attention - not Don. He was really great and he was ready for anything.

Don the Anaheim DJ
Don - taken by Jessica Verma

At our initial meeting, I told him that I didn’t see a lot of people dancing, and I didn’t anticipate anything crazy happening at our reception. I had no idea our loved ones were a bunch of crazy lushes, but they are! When he felt that people wanted to start dancing, he had the right song. When a limbo line formed (WTH?), he had a pole and the right song. The music was always appropriate for what was going on, and he followed all of our requests.

What is going on?
My quiet, sane family and friends

The Anaheim DJ website is also very cool because you can search through his music collection and create your must-play list and timeline. It was so easy! People still tell us how much fun they had at our wedding reception, and I know that Don had a lot to do with it – thanks!


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