Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bride goes bridezilla on everyone in a wedding gown shop

It sounds funny, but it's actually not. The bride and her family act in ways that I cannot comprehend - slapping people, using mannequins as weapons, spitting on the owner's wife, and generally starting an all-out brawl over wedding gown alterations.

Owner Hekmat Putruss said when he told the "bad-mouthing" bridezilla to leave she flipped out. He said: "She started threatening me, saying 'you don't know who I am, I'll call my husband to kill you, to teach everyone here a lesson'."

Three men later turned up at the shop and burst in while it was filled with customers. Another man spits on Mr Putruss's wife and slaps her face. Mannequins in the store in Oakland County, Michigan, US, are picked up and used as weapons.

Police finally arrive at the store and arrest the three men who were later charged with assault. Mr Putruss said he and his family sustained injuries from the attack and the estimated damage bill would come to around $15,000.

He said: "They just attacked without notice ... this is a clothing store, a women's clothing store, we don't expect things like this to happen."

I think it's safe to say that this bride is a crazy bitch - the same goes for her family who will show up as a mob and start trashing a store on a moment's notice. I hope she and her family are punished and forced to correct this poor man's store. Sheesh!


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