Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sex-crazed elephant crashes wedding

A sex-crazed elephant rampaged through a lavish wedding ceremony in New Delhi in hot pursuit of a mate, leaving flipped cars and dazed guests in its wake. The lovestruck pachyderm, one of three hired for the traditional Indian reception, caused more than $300,000 in damage after it went rogue, according the Bangkok-based Thaindian News.

The elephant charged the couple’s guests, stampeding across a lawn and flipping at least 20 cars as it chased a female elephant in heat. The animal was subdued with a tranquilizer after six hours on the lam – but not before it rammed a police truck.

Officials for the Wildlife Trust of India blamed the incident on a case of raging hormones, saying the elephant was in "mast," the mating phase that occurs once a year.

I really hope this poor guy is okay. Sad/man elephants really bum me out. ...And here I am, letting my geek flag fly: Apparently elephants are like Vulcans? This one was experiencing his pon-farr. OMG, I'm a nerd.

There's a video, but I can't watch it. Go on without me.


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