Monday, March 15, 2010

The truth about your wedding

Only your real friends will tell you the truth...unless you are a passive-aggressive Facebooker.

it's great that everyone has more important things to do that come to my wedding - i guess you find out who really cares about you...

There's some good gossip in here somewhere. I'll bet she's talked about nothing but her wedding plans and her friends can't stand her anymore. Or maybe her friends are all 19 and they know it's a doomed marriage

Christina hates not getting invited to anything anymore. Is it because I'm married?
Friend: no, its because you are married to a prick.

This reminds me of Knocked Up.

Little girl: Everyone's like blah blah blah, Ben's a PRICK! ...what does it mean?
Ben: It means...penis.
Little girl: (giggle) penis

It gets me every time.


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