Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wedding tidbits from other blogs

What do you call the sites that just post short things? Micro-blogging? I dunno, but I love this one from LFMF (Learn From My Fail)

If someone you love proposes to you and you accept, don’t then start telling them about the wedding plans you’d had with your previous relationship. #LFMF

I'm not sure why the bride and groom thought this picture would work well - they've obviously put a lot of thought into their wedding accessor...AHH, WHAT'S THAT THING ON HER HEAD?

Is she shoe shopping? I don't know what's going on, but it is definitely an Awkward Family Photo.

The best always comes last - lookit these adorable steampunk robot cake toppers!

I don't know who made these, but they were found via Wedinator. I only hope that the robots won't become sentient and ruin the cake. Everyone knows that robots hate cake. It's how you know they truly have no souls.


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