Thursday, April 22, 2010

Awkward stock wedding photos

I love Awkward Stock Photos, but there aren't enough wedding-related pictures for my taste. I know there must more lurking out there than just this one:

No offence to this model, but what is going on with her photos? She looks unprepared or annoyed in all of them, but there seems to be a whole series of pictures of her with just this gown and a weird expression on her face.

Every time her faced popped up, I laughed harder. Who would buy this? Is she pretending to be 10?

There are also a LOT of photos of crazy, pissed-off brides. I actually like this one. I hope I find a reason to use it in the future.

Her little balled-up fists are funny. And how about this angle? She's all up in your face - that's how you know she's mad.

This one's called "She got her man" No further snark is necessary.

I never post pictures of myself on this blog. Today's the big day - here I am with my husband on our wedding day. He's quite the wiggler, but eventually I got him in that trunk.

And lastly, these terrifying dolls. WTF.


It's not too late to enter the flat iron contest! Shoot me an email tonight to enter. The winner will be announced tomorrow - good luck!

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