Friday, April 16, 2010

Jewelry "badvertising"

I know a lot of women have unrealistic expectations when it comes to engagement jewelry, but this is just ridiculous:

This is what I looked like yesterday when I realized that my taxes were due.

My God, what have I done?

I screwed up royally! Oh Lord, I've gone and done it this time. I failed to get her ring at RF Moeller Jeweler. I should have known they had the best diamonds at the best prices.

I'm a moron, a lunkhead, a moon-calf, a chowder brain, a nit-wit, an imbecile. How could I have botched this so badly?!

No one's ever been sorry they went with Moeller. NO ONE!

Some people were highly offended and took to the RF Moeller Facebook page to complain that suicide is not a joke. Offensive or not, they did a great job getting their name out. I do think the ad is over-the-top, and the image was just a poor choice. Maybe it would have been funnier with a guy tearing his hair out, or a girl in a wedding dress smashing things?

Hey! This is a seamless segue - ready? Don't tear YOUR hair out next week when you realize that you missed out on your chance to win a FREE professional flat iron from Misikko!

Have a great weekend!

-Kay Banks

Don't you kind of think that The Consumerist blows a LOT of stuff out of proportion? People take every nit-picky little complaint they have and whine about it via the Consumerist. Someone was rude to me in a store! My food at McDonald's doesn't look like the picture! I'm not saying that the site isn't great, but at times I find it highly tedious.

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  1. Wow, that's a little too much for an ad! It just sends the wrong message, totally. Plus, it's full of negative stuff!


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