Friday, April 9, 2010

Scotland Museum showcases Hollywood wedding gowns

The National Museum of Costume Scotland is showcasing glamorous gowns that have featured in film and TV productions. The costumes are being used to illustrate the development of the wedding dress since the 18th Century.

An image from the Museum's site

Anyone who turns up to the Marriage in the Movies exhibition wearing their wedding dress will be given free entry.

The highlights include Keira Knightley's gown from The Duchess and the dress worn by Joely Richardson in the role of Wallis Simpson. Other wedding dresses on display have been worn by Meryl Streep, Nastassja Kinski and Helena Bonham Carter. The exhibition includes examples of wedding favours and gloves, invitations, cards and accessories, to show changes in fashions and styles over the years. It also explores some of Scotland's marriage traditions and the process of designing costumes for films.

Maureen Barrie, exhibitions officer at National Museums Scotland, said: "The wedding dress is probably the most special item of clothing that women will wear in their lifetime. Usually they are only worn once, but we thought that our new exhibition would be the perfect opportunity for women across the country to get dressed up once more and mingle with the beautiful wedding dresses worn by the stars."

The exhibition runs until Sunday 31 October.

Oh ma ga, I want to go to this! I really don't even like wedding gowns that much, but I love all the hand-finished beading, lace, and advanced sewing that go into high end gowns. I would also want to go to see if anyone would wear their wedding dress to get free admission. Would I get in if I wear this???

Sorry, Britney. Kind of.

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  1. Where do I find wedding gowns to sell/how do first time buyers get into the trade shows!?


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