Monday, May 10, 2010

It's all about the (mother of the) BRIDE!

Now that Mother's Day is over, we can all admit that while Moms are great, they can also be kind of annoying.

From Passive-Aggressive notes:

Katie in Oklahoma City was cleaning out a box of wedding memorabilia when she rediscovered this note from her mother, written just after she paid for Katie’s wedding dress.

Although I know a lot of brides who would have immediately ripped this card (and the enclosed check) to bits, Katie accepted the gift with impressively good humor. “I found it funny,” she says, “because it’s just the way my Mom is. She signed my Dad’s name too, but it’s from her...just her.”

“Oh, and just FYI,” Katie adds, “I think I weighed 115 pounds at the time this note was written.”

Dear Katie,

You are beautiful now. We are sure you will be a beautiful bride. To help insure our wedding dress investment, please buy some scales of your choosing with this money and weigh yourself once a week. We love you and want you to enjoy your wedding day. This present might help with some of the stress.

With love,
Mom & Dad

Haha, oh moms! I'm off for breakfast...maybe some bacon, eggs, a waffle or two, a piece of toast, some juice...


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