Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Random geek wedding photos

Continuing the week of photos and made-up back stories, here are some geeky wedding photos.

Preppy stormtrooper is the new black
These two put some thought into their masks - hers matches her ivory gown. But obviously they spent all their money on head wear because neither of them is wearing a ring.

Marriage: IT'S A TRAP!
I have no made-up back story for these two, but I wouldn't let Slave Leia upstage me at my own wedding. They look like they might be sisters though, so maybe this is just a continuation of a lifelong competition.

We are gathered here today before my invisible jet...
I'm not sure what's happening here, but it looks like Wonder Woman is officiating this ceremony, and it looks like Superman is going to crap his pants.

Holy marital woes, Superman!
Would you believe that this is a different wedding for Superman? Superman, and his boy-best man Robin are getting hitched to a normal girl (Lois Lane) and her bridesmaid Wonder Woman? I'm annoyed that the bride isn't dressed up too!


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