Friday, June 11, 2010

Octopus wedding gown

This picture is a mystery since I can't find* a source for this bizarre octopus wedding gown.

She's missing some legs, of course, but the octopus leg bodice and the seaweed tiara are awesome companions for this whacked out wedding gown.

I've loved octopuses as a design theme ever since I walked into a new local Italian restaurant and saw a giant, hand-carved wood octopus chandelier with red jewel eyes. The octopus's legs were stretched and curled around a ship's wheel, and it was the best chandelier EVER. Seriously. Sadly, the restaurant was terrible, and it went out of business, and I went down there to see if I could somehow buy that chandelier, but knew no way of getting in touch with the previous owners. Some day, I might have one custom-made for me because I am crazy and I would really hang it in my house. But I never took a picture, so I have only my faulty memories to go on.

Since I'm going off on many tangents, and it's Friday, and you probably stopped reading after the first picture here's some octopus music for you:

Have a great weekend!

*by "can't find" I mean I Googled it and didn't immediately find the answer. DIYDS if you want to know the real source.


  1. target has some awesome octopi bath stuff (like rugs & trash cans) at the moment.

  2. The designer is named Haya al Houti and she's brilliant! Her designs are less actual clothing and more wearable art, but I really love her work.

  3. Rowena, thank you so much! I hate not being able to credit the creator.

    Like you said, her designs are wearable art. There's a purple dress from 2011 fashion week that looks like fish scales - love it!


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