Friday, July 16, 2010

Gay weddings legalized in Argentina

Argentina has legalized gay marriage, so let's look at some wedding accessories that might become popular there:

Funny wedding invitations! Everyone is so formal with their invitations, so these are unexpected.

From Wedinator:
Shelley and Laura
Request the pleasure of your company
as they help destroy
the sanctity of marriage

Cake toppers:

What's wrong with these guys? Why are they on different tiers of the cake? Is it a nod to their past of being helpful boy scouts or is the other guy just late to his own wedding? The description lists them as "helpful". Maybe that's some kind of stereotype I've never heard.

To round out the gay wedding planning, everyone needs a drunk groomsman to make a toast:

If you have 8 minutes and you want to feel as though you are are really at a wedding, watch the whole thing. Otherwise, skip forward to 3:30 to see it slowly fall apart. It's not HAHA scripted funny, but oh no, this is incredibly awkward funny.


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