Monday, September 13, 2010

Week of cakes

It's not that I'm bitter or holding on to terrible disappointment*, but last month I went to a wedding that didn't serve cake. No cake at all. I was so let down, especially since I'd travelled a long way to watch two people get married and to eat cake. Friends, serve cake at your wedding. Even if you think you're being different, you're not. Different is not getting married. If you get married, you are officially just like everyone else, and therefore should serve cake. My logic is flawless.

That logical bit of advice brings us to the first installment of cakes - Star Trek cakes. I don't know why I love Star Trek nerds so much. I think it's because I see them as the underdogs. To dress up like a Klingon in public is to say Fuck the world! I'm the biggest dork ever, and I don't care if dorks think I'm a dork. I heartily respect that.

This is a three-tiered Star Trek insignia cake. It doesn't look very appetizing because gray is not the best color for cakes, but I still think it's cool. It's kind of traditional while not being very traditional at all.

This is a classic cake with a geeky cake topper

I don't understand what the groom is supposed to be, but the bride is obviously Klingon. I think Klingon women are desirable to geeks because geeks picture these sexually aggressive she-beasts with an insatiable desire for nerd blood. I have an insatiable desire for cake, and this pretty mocha-colored cake looks delicious. It looks like buttercream, so I'll bet it smells good too.

This is my favorite because it hits all the Star Trek geek points.

On the left are tribble cupcakes, the cake on the right has the Starfleet logo with photos of the couples' geeky adventures around the edge, and the cake at the top has the Enterprise (?) bridge with two characters in classic costume and the words "Make it so". I can't help but giggle. Oh, nerds, I love you so.

Stay tuned for more delicious cake this week!


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  1. Wow! Those wedding cakes are really beautiful and unique. I love it! Also, the wedding cake toppers are really cool and unique. Thumbs up!


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