Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bruce Campbell to perform mass zombie wedding

This upcoming Halloween weekend is the zomBcon in Seattle, and one lucky couple will be married by Bruce Campbell, and a bunch of other people will do a vow renewal, horde style.

From the zomBcon site, and Bruce Campbell:
The lucky couple, Nathan Dooling and Casey Russell will be getting married in the EMP/SFM at the Seattle Center on Saturday, October 30th at 5pm in their Level 3 suite aka the Cabin in the woods. I myself will be conducting the ceremony from the Necronomicon (The book of the Dead) to a crowd full of Zombies (people) for the Wedding of the Dead, Evil Dead style.

I will also be holding a MASS ZOMBIE RENEWAL OF VOWS shortly afterwards for married couples for all of you fans and folks out there, so grab your sweetie and join us at the cabin Halloween weekend.

Ted Raimi, Danny Hicks, Timothy Patrick Quill, and other cast members will be on hand to serve as witnesses. After the ceremony, continue the festivities with a reception, the centerpiece of which is a screening of the director's cut of The Evil Dead, with a new 35mm print. Evil Dead 2 will follow, and Army of Darkness will screen as well.

Wow, when pictures of this hit the internet, I will be all over them.

Kay Banks

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