Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gorgeous spiderweb gown

Check out these gorgeous spiderweb and gothy gowns - perfect for the dark princess in you (and me). This would be so awesome at the fantasy Halloween wedding that is constantly going on in my head. Generally, I don't wear super-girly, foo-foo dresses, but I'd make an exception for these.

Loooove the sparkly spiderweb over the full gown. It looks overly sparkly in the photo, but I'll bet it's more subtle in person.

If this gown was in my closet, I would wear it all the time. I'd be like Marge in her mangled Chanel suit. This would work at the grocery store and the local coffee shop, right?

It looks like a giant, ruffly, macabre cupcake. LOVE.

Halloween is only two and a half weeks away! After that, all the fun stuff dries up. Don't waste this precious time - get out there and scare the bejeebus out of someone, eat a lot of candy, and wear excessive amounts of make-up. Woo, Halloween!


Kay Banks

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